What is Artwolf Studio

It's a weblog for daily bloggin', diy experiences & recommendation of (non)professional artist for art & music and about my new dog Charly and his way in a normal dog life.
I will try to write a lot of bloggin' post in german AND english for a better range of recipients and by the way my english will be better...I hope so.

New home of Artwolf Studio!

25th June 2016 - Work in process

Mockup [grafisch]

Artwolf Studio coming soon!

Huhu my dears,
Artwolf Studio is coming soon or rather I will try to come back in few week. I can't say if I will be finish with the whole work because I have to write four exams (maybe I take two of these in the next semester) and I write my bachelor thesis which have to be finish on 8th September 2016. Please forgive the long offline time. I promise you I come back in this year, really!

Written on 25th June 2016 by Katjana
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